U.C. Universal Company s.r.o. is committed to sustainable management and at the same time is aware of its social responsibility. The company uses the following principles:

  1. Compliance with laws and fundamental human rights

    We adhere to applicable laws, values, norms and social order in all countries.

  2. Discrimination

    We hold the right to equal opportunities. We do not tolerate any discrimination based on sex, age, race, nationality, disability, social origin or sexual orientation.

  3. Child labour

    We disapprove of child labour and comply with the legal regulation regarding minimum age of employees.

  4. Forced labour and punishment

    We disapprove of forced labour and corporal punishment and any form of bullying.

  5. Corruption

    We never allow any form of corruption.

  6. Right of association

    We recognize the right of our employees to freedom of association. We cooperate with their representatives with confidence and openly.

  7. Fair remuneration and working hours

    Wages and social benefits correspond at least to regulatory standards of the given country.

  8. Occupational safety and health

    We protect our employees from hazards at workplaces and support measures for the preservation of health and safety.

  9. Environmental Protection

    We form our products, services and processes with respect to the environment. Wherever we are present, we consider the demands on the environment and treat natural resources with responsibility.

With regards

René Köppel